Why would my organization or business join FindForensicStaff's Affiliate Program?
Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to profit from their websites.
1. Your organization/business's website(s), e-newsletter(s) and any electronic medium can generate traffic and sales to FindForensicStaff.com and in return you receive a commission payment as a donation or payment back to your organization and/or business.
2. This is a great way to offer member benefits within your organization.
3. FindForensicStaff.com helps fill an employment need within the forensic community by connecting forensic workers to employers including finding expert witnesses for court.

What does it cost?
Zero Dollars. FindForensicStaff.com's Affiliate Program is free for your organization or business to sign up and utilize.

What's the catch?
No Catch! FindForensicStaff.com's affiliate program is a shared revenue program. You use our banner ads with tracking links on your website, e-newsletters, emails or any electronic medium. When someone clicks on it and purchases on FindForensicStaff.com, your organization receives a commission from that sale.

Who creates the banner ads and tracking links?
We do! These banner ads and tracking links are found in your account after you sign up. You download them and place them on your website(s), email(s), e-newsletter(s) or any electronic medium that you use to communicate with your members or clients.

When do we receive payment?
Once your commissions reach $50, we pay your organization or business.

How do we get paid?
PayPal. Your organization or business must have a PayPal account set up with a valid email address associated with your PayPal account.

What is the commission on each sale?
10% of the sale.